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Need a premium locksmith?


Specialist in opening doors without damage

  • Left your keys inside ?

  • Key on the inside of the door ?

  • Broken key ? 

  • Locked out ? 

  • Lost your keys ?


Keys lost? locked out?

NH Locksmiths opens your door rapidly. NH Locksmiths employs qualified mechanics, who have the most modern equipment at their disposal, to be able to open most doors by far, without any damage.


Repairing damage caused by burglary

When you are the victim of a burglary, you can depend on NH Locksmiths for an expert provisional restoration of the damage. NH Locksmiths will take care of damage-repair, in such a manner that your house / business premises can be locked again.


NH Locksmiths is active in the following regions:

  • Zaandam

  • Beverwijk

  • Haarlem

  • Alkmaar

  • Heerhugowaard

  • Purmerend

  • Amsterdam


All safe again

Our very first priority is to safely lock your house or business premises again. After that we will examine, together with you, how to secure your house or business premises from the next burglary(attempt).


The consquences of burglary

In Holland each year about 120,000 thousand burglaries take place and over 500,000 burglary attempts are made. In very few cases it concerns premeditated burglaries, it often is a burglar who just saw his opportunity. Most of the time the whole house is turned into a mess, precious items have been stolen and things to which you are emotionally attached have been damaged. The insurance hardly ever covers the damage completely, let alone the emotional damage. A feeling of insecurity may haunt the victims for months or even years by sleeping- and anxiety disorders.


Feel safe with the correct lock

NH Locksmiths advises how you can secure your house / business premises in the best possible ways. We do not intend to change your house into a bunker, it is all about you feeling safe in your own house.

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